I Am Fire Stella Bracelet

Melanie Stones, Exceptional Jewelry



This beautiful hematite and pyrite double bead bracelet with a rhodium plated sterling silver flower is handmade by artisan jewelers.

This uniquely designed, handmade bracelet is strung on a stretch cord and is comfortable to wear. It can be stacked, worn alone, dressed up or worn casually.

Bead diameter: 6 mm


Hematite gives us strength, endurance and courage on a daily basis. It protects and revitalizes our body, helps us through difficult times, gives us the joy of life and integrity.


Called "the gold of the fools", the name pyrite comes from the Greek "stone of fire". It is the symbol of a sparkling stone enclosing fire in its core. An excellent energy shield, pyrite blocks negative energy and prevents energy leakage from the physical body and the aura.

Authenticity and Warranty

We guarantee the authenticity of the gems and pearls that adorn our jewelry. All our jewelry is guaranteed for life.


Every piece of jewelry is handmade to order and crafted with the greatest care and attention to detail, in order to meet Melanie Stones' high quality standards. Please allow 5 to 10 business days for your piece of jewelry to be ready to ship.

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