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Power of Stones

Agate Crazy Lace

Agate Crazy Lace is a source of courage, endurance, assurance and balance. It allows us to remain focused on ourselves through the difficulties of everyday life. The agate attracts a good financial fortune, inheritances and hidden treasures.


Agate Blue Lace

Excellent for restarting, its gentle energy instils peace of mind. This crystal neutralizes the fear of being judged.


Amazonite tranquilizes, relaxes, brings serenity and harmonizes feelings. When we are experiencing trials, amazonite helps to alleviate our physical symptoms and purifies us.


Amethyst is the perfect spiritual stone that reinforces intuition, concentration and attention. It calms worries, anxieties and anger. It is a balm for the nerves.


Angelite symbolizes peace and brotherhood and, as its name suggests, facilitates conscious contact with angels. This stone helps us in accepting what can not be changed.


Apatite stimulates creativity and intelligence. It helps to reduce grief, anger, irritability and to overcome emotional exhaustion.

Artistic Jasper

Artistic jasper helps to think quickly, promotes organizational and project performance, and stimulates imagination, turning ideas into action.

Botswana Agate

Botswana agate is a defender of the individual and his family, creating a protective and invigorating love.


Carnelian strengthens the bond with life and makes us more receptive to its energies. It gives us courage, tenacity and perseverance and helps us to live in the here and now.


Powerful cleaner and regenerator, citrine is an extremely warm, energizing and highly creative stone. It attracts wealth and success.


Like all blue stones, dumortierite is oriented towards the forces of mind and thought. In difficult situations, it gives us courage, assurance and a positive vision of existence. It relaxes and helps one to take life to the right side.


Hematite gives us strength, endurance and courage on a daily basis. It protects and revitalizes our body, helps us through difficult times, gives us the joy of life and integrity.


Howlite detoxifies body and soul. This great internal cleaning allows us, on the one hand, to love ourselves more, and then to open ourselves to others. It teaches us patience towards them, and shows us how to better listen to them.


This "dream stone" is a symbol of purity, serenity and care that induces premonitory dreams. It stabilizes the personality and integrates the mind and body, prompting to become who we really are.


Extremely high vibrating stone, kunzite opens our heart to unconditional love. Thanks to its power to dispel negativity, it surrounds the aura with a protective envelope. By removing obstacles, it helps the individual to adapt to the pressures of life.


Highly protective, labradorite forms a barrier against negative energies. It helps to banish fears and feelings of insecurity. Labradorite is a useful companion during changes, conferring strength and perseverance.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli acts positively on the mind, promotes meditation and introspection and deepens our sincerity. It consolidates harmony in our relationships.


Malachite removes negative energies from the body. It solves emotional problems, allowing us to walk on the paths of healing. It promotes renewal and transformation.


Encouraging versatility, mookaite helps to accept change and new ideas, to discover all the possibilities of a situation and to choose the right one.


Stone of new beginnings, moonstone is charged with feminine energy. Mitigating the tendency to react excessively emotionally, this stone encourages a moderate attitude to the emotions of others.


Onyx refocuses our mind, clarifies our thoughts and stimulates our logic. It encourages discipline and endurance. It helps us to detach ourselves from material possessions, to abstract ourselves from what is not important.


Opal has a calming, soothing effect. It stimulates reflection and promotes sleep. Seductive, opal has always been associated with love and passion, desire and eroticism.

Peach Aventurine

Peach aventurine is a lucky stone, opening the door to new possibilities, encouraging creativity and well-being.

Petrified Wood

Petrified wood is excellent for anchoring high vibrations in the ground. It supports the soul and helps it in its search for a mentor. It allows us to worry less, accept the natural order of things and make any possible changes.

Picture Jasper

Picture jasper deepens our Connection to the Earth and its strengthening, all-enduring force. It allows us to respect the fragility and solidity of our whole being as two contrasting sides of the same coin. Nurturing and comforting throughout hardships, this stone displays miniature landscapes that appeal to our imagination.

Pink Quartz

Pink quartz brings happiness in love. Perfect for healing broken hearts, pink quartz awakens tenderness and strengthens our sensitivity. It stimulates artistic creativity.


Called "the gold of the fools", the name pyrite comes from the Greek "stone of fire". It is the symbol of a sparkling stone enclosing fire in its core. An excellent energy shield, pyrite blocks negative energy and prevents energy leakage from the physical body and the aura.


Quartz is the ultimate healing stone. All crystals of quartz match the body in order to realign its vibrations and bring back balance. It is also an extremely powerful energy amplifier. Quartz also brings vitality and comfort.


As an emotional balance that nurtures love and encourages human fraternity, rhodonite strongly resonates with forgiveness and contributes to reconciliation after pain. This stone helps to remain calm in dangerous and disturbing situations.


Serpentine soothes and relaxes. It brings inner peace, balance and harmony. Thanks to its virtues, sensitive people can protect themselves from negative influences and maintain their internal balance.


Sodalite makes us sincere towards ourselves and towards others. It deepens thoughts and turns the mind towards the truth. It stimulates concentration and helps us achieve our goals.

Strawberry Quartz

Strawberry quartz generates a loving environment and makes life fun in the present, showing love in any situation.

Tiger Eye

For a long time considered a protective stone, legend has it that the Roman soldiers wore an engraved tiger eye to protect them in battle. This stone is excellent in helping us orient our goals and make decisions.



A powerful mental healer, tourmaline helps one to understand oneself and to understand others, fostering self-confidence and soothing fear. This stone is known for attracting prosperity.